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Hotel review - Cinnamon Hakuraa Hyraa

Updated: May 7

This blissful retreat flung out far into the Indian Ocean away from the Maldivian capital, Male, the Cinnamon Hakuraa Hyraa gave us the most relaxation break we have ever had. Two weeks of pure sunshine, quietness, good food and water activities as well as a good bed to sleep on made our stay very pleasant. With a name which means ‘reef above water’, this luxury four-star resort is the perfect stay to spend some time in paradise.

Water Bungalows

This has to be the main feature on why we choose to stay here. The water bungalows just look totally amazing but inside is even more perfect. With a washroom with everything expected from shower, a huge mirror, hairdryers and the usual supplement toiletries, to the huge cloakroom-style area near the door to hang up clothes and store luggage. As well as one of the most comfortable beds we have ever slept on in the lounge area with a glass-panel floor to see the wildlife in the water underneath, this place really did feel like home for the two weeks we were here.

Outside on the balcony which is the ideal place for sunbathing, there is a ladder which takes us to waist-deep high water to explore the marine life more closely (and even more ideal with snorkeling gear which can be hired out on the island). The fishes were totally amazing to look at, different shapes and sizes but watch out for some snake-like eels down there (not trying to scare people off here, there are very few of them and harmless unless approached).

Food and Drink

The Malaafaly Restaurant offers a brilliant breakfast, lunch and dinner with lots of food options to choose from ranging from local cuisine to European foods. There are plenty of cooks who will also cook to order (especially breakfast time). For an extra fee, a fully waitered dinner in the evening on the beach can be done with plenty of seafood and wine included. The waiters are always on hand and are the best we have come across on our travels.

Nearby on the jetty is the Nahla Falhu lounge and bar which serves snacks between meals but also has cocktails, beers and wines. Here night time entertainment is provided and during the day is the perfect place to have a nice cold beer whilst looking out into the ocean.

Other services and facilities

The resort offers a gym which has the basic cross-trainer, treadmill and a few weights in an air-conditioned room. To get away from the island, the resort offers day trips to nearby islands (like Naalaafushi) and dolphin spotting. There are also plenty of diving opportunities on offer but our favourite was to be taken to a nearby island which has nothing on it and to be left there all alone (for a fee and yes, we did take some food and drink with us). Also there are spa treatments on offer in the resort which the ladies staying here really enjoyed.

How to get there

Like most islands in the Maldives, the most flung resorts are usually reached by seaplane which made this trip even more enjoyable and landing on the smooth ocean waves and pulling besides the end of the jetty is the best way to start any vacation here. All seaplane transfers take visitors back to the international airport near Male which is about a sixty minute journey.

Overall with the bright white sands, ample snorkelling (plus diving) opportunities and turquoise waters, this resort has it all for a ‘get-away-from-it-all’ break. There are twenty-six stunning atolls spread across the ocean with hundreds of islands but we were glad to choose Cinnamon Hakuraa Hyraa resort for the ultimate solitude and seclusion. This is the perfect place to explore stunning marine life and the coral reefs, a dream honeymoon perhaps, or just that perfect island getaway, this resort offers the ultimate escape.

The hotel can be reached by contacting the Cinnamon hotel group here

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