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Checking out Toronto’s CN Tower and lakeside views

Updated: May 7

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the financial-business powerhouse which runs the country (that is how we see it). Olga and I were only passing through the city for a day as we were on a road trip but we managed to do two sights which we really wanted to do whilst we were here. The CN Tower and taking a boat tour out into the lake whilst capturing the city skyline through our camera lens.

Parking up a few blocks away, we would have thought it would have been easy to spot the 553 metre (1,815ft) tower but all the surrounding skyscrapers destroyed that for us. In the end we were asking people where the tower was and we eventually found it. Paying the fee, we whizzed up in the elevator inside this tall communications and observation tower at a fast speed to which our stomachs started to feel a bit funny.


It was completed in 1976 and at the time became the world’s tallest freestanding structure and world’s tallest tower. Then the guys in Dubai destroyed that record thirty-four years later by building the Burj Khalifa for the free-standing structure title and then the Chinese topped it off by building the Canton Tower. Ever since, the CN Tower is now the third tallest tower in the world but is still the largest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere.

The name ‘CN’ comes from ‘Canadian National’ - the railway company which built the tower on railway land (to which it is not railway land anymore). Since then the railway company sold the land but the name stuck. However ‘CN’ now means ‘Canadian National Tower’ or ‘Canada’s National Tower’ but no bugger around here uses that.

That’s enough facts, We found the tower to be an amazing experience. With its super fast lift, we were at the top taking in the breathtaking views of the cities and Lake Ontario. We found ourselves staying up here for a while, walking on the see-through glass panned floor, having some food and just simply taking in the views. We loved looking down over the railway yard and the Rogers Arena, they both look tiny as we have never been this high before in a tower.

Heading back and walking to the lake shores, we managed to get ourselves on a boat tour. There was one other thing we really wanted to do in this modern city and that was to get the perfect photograph and take in the city's skyline views from the lake. Paying a small fee we got more than we bargained for, we also managed to get a close look at the nature of the ‘Toronto Islands’ a group of small islands which also act as a natural barrier for Toronto’s harbour.

We had a very short time in Toronto but we were so happy to get these two sights in and we are sure we will be back to see the city. We highly recommend taking a trip up the CN Tower and a boat tour onto the lake. Both visits offer amazing views and are the best places to capture views of the city.

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